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Beyond Coffee,

 It’s a Healthy Lifestyle

Boost your health

Your dose of health in a cap

It is a drinkable food supplement or a Smart Drink.

Our scientifically based formula to support your healthy lifestyle

and the enjoyment of your daily routine

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  • How can we offer the modern consumer a new experience in nutritional supplements?
  • In addition to developing highly effective molecules and APIs, we need to ensure ease of use.
  • Consumers not only want effective food supplements but also need to be easy to swallow with a pleasant taste and smell.
  • Ease of use means that the product fits silently and effortlessly into their daily lives and routines.
  • For many, that means a tasty drink and a true moment of enjoyment, for others 'on the go'.
  • Simple dosing is crucial here. We therefore monitor these dosages very strictly in their quality checks.

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a pleasant taste and smell

And a great subtitle

easy to swallow

easy to swallow with a pleasant taste and smell.

Ease of use 

means that the product fits silently and effortlessly into their daily lives and routines..

new experience

Simple dosing is crucial here. We therefore monitor these dosages very strictly in their quality checks.

Enjoy your Daily 

Hot And Cold 

Easy Dosage



Healthy habits into your daily routine

Consumers usually perceive the intake of dietary supplements through conventional capsules or powder as a negative​

We create a new pleasant way of consuming: the active ingredients are packaged in Nespresso® compatible capsules, allowing the end product to be consumed as a delicious hot or cold drink. This makes the intake a pleasant experience that can be built into a daily routine, moment, or ritual. This will automatically increase compliance adherence. In addition, the use of Nespresso® compatible capsules, which can contain up to 5g of active ingredients, allows for higher doses to be administered, unlike traditional food supplements, which are often limited by the size of the pill or capsule.

Data on problems with swallowing pills: Discover the new generation of administration

30% of the population experience difficulties in swallowing tablets or pills


41% of the population prefer pleasant taste and smell

90% of the population prefers an administration that is easily integrated into the daily routine

 Health care over health care

Say goodbye to awkward pills that are hard to swallow. Forget about effervescent tablets with a bad taste. With Curocaps you can easily enjoy a delicious Smart Drink and boost your health in the meantime.

Easy to swallow for everyone

Easy to take and to build into the daily routine

Specially formulated so they taste great